Monday, 31 August 2015

Fiz: Confessions of a 'mature' driver

Life changes as one gets older. I think I have become more sensible—just one cup of coffee in the morning, one glass of wine at night, forget the stiletto shoes, and in bed with a book at nine. I am becoming more and more content to let younger people take centre stage. They have vitality and freshness and the world’s their oyster!

But sometimes— only sometimes— I just want to show them that I can’t be completely sidelined. Are you with me with on this?

Monday, 24 August 2015

Naz daydreams

Last week I had a rave about The Fisherman and presence.  This week is about smashing illusion and again, with focus on The Fisherman.  Man he has left some lasting memories!

Watching from the rocks above, I thought I had him all worked out.  My imagination, to be honest, had his life dissected and him catalogued (can you really do that to a person?)—his age was 60 to 70, he was soft and kind and very relaxed.  Nothing was a bother to him and he lived in the moment. His love for his dog was foremost and they were friends…experiencing their days, their life together, loyal mates—bla…bla…bla.

The flanno checked shirt and green waders portrayed a seriousness for fishing.  I had him living

Monday, 17 August 2015

Fiz: Meet Ellie and her range

I want you to get to know a lovely BOLD woman who—every day—provides a touch of luxury to my life. Meet Ellie Jackson, alchemist extraordinaire, creator of the most fabulous natural beauty products that I have ever used. I’m so glad that I have a connection with her; she is the mother of my son’s partner. But as any bold woman knows, connections count for naught if the product doesn’t cut it. Ellie’s products definitely do!

I have written about one of her products in a post at More Bold, but now I want you to learn more about Ellie’s life at ‘Maintop’, a 2,149 hectare organic-beef property at the very top of the Great Dividing Range.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Fisherman - Naz

Being in the present—the here and now—totally focused as if time stands still.  No worries, fears, doubts—just total concentration in the moment.  Who cares what needs to be done later, tomorrow, next week.  This is now and I surrender, assigning my total attention to this gift.  I feel, I hear, I smell, I sense, I see, I perceive, I understand, I enjoy this moment as if this is my last. ….. Yeah right!!

I do try, and yes, in my real world I have set a goal to achieve this within a realistic timeframe—this life!  It may take that long or it could take an instant.  It may be for all times or just for some—to quieten my mind and live in the moment.

I was reminded of my objective last weekend during what was going to be a short stop at North Shore rocks to catch my breath and let Sachi (my dog) explore.  I sat looking out to sea, breathing in the ocean’s energy, revitalising my spirit and hoping to catch sight of a whale or two.  I was blissfully unaware that I was about to be given, ever so eloquently, a powerful lesson on presence.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Fiz: I heard on RN ...

I was driving along the freeway Thursday morning listening to RN when Julie Bishop’s speech to the United Nations Security Council was played. I thought, wow —I am hearing something fine here.  I felt the sincerity of her outrage at Russia’s veto of a draft resolution for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Her words had substance. There was passion but also eloquence as she presented a logical and coherent argument. I felt proud.

And that’s saying something because I haven’t always been a fan. I had an almost allergic reaction to the way Julie Bishop conducted herself in opposition—too much the snarky head-prefect type for my liking, and I remember her being very ordinary in the role of Shadow Treasurer. Since becoming Foreign Minister, however, she is one of the few politicians who shine. And I want to give her a cheer because I think we need to praise our pollies when they are doing a good job—regardless of their shade of politics. It is a tough gig, and impressive moments are few and far between.