Monday, 28 September 2015

Fiz: age appropriate cool

How do you feel about age appropriate clothing? I recently read an article decrying the notion. Indeed, the author said it was dead. The supporting evidence against having to worry about age appropriateness was a photo of a woman hitting 80 in perfectly-fitting denim jeans and jacket. She looked great: but of course she did. The professional photographer captured her beautifully—svelte, minimal bare skin, designer denim, and fabulous jewellery. Mmmmmm I wasn’t convinced.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Download in colour

Each and every moment is a memory in creation—how I file this emotional picture is up to me.  I do my best to download as colourfully as I can—I make it my daily challenge. Some days I create brilliant rainbows transporting joy and gladness and others a more sombre spectrum of shadowy greys; but always memories that I find ‘gratefulness' in—something to hold on to and grow from.

Lately I recognized my posts have been short descriptive stories—sort of digressing a little from our original vision for BOLD—‘doing oldish with style and panache’.  Instead, I have written narratives sharing recent experiences that connected with me in some way.  I admit—I love descriptive writing.  It is fun. 

Why am I heading down this track?  Fiz says it’s the writer in me.  In honesty what really motivates me to write is watching others, and when I see boldness in them I look for that in me.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Fiz: How to be

I have written before about the glass cage  that has boxed me in, and that I am trying to break free from. I don’t think I am breaking out of the glass cage so much as extending the space within, so I have more room to move. Caution, self-doubt, timidity still hem me in, but I am feeling less confined by them. There has been no major shift: I am just loosening those self-imposed ties that limited me.

Do you too feel the restraints, which held you tight in your earlier years, relaxing a bit: that one of the bonuses of getting older is a certain freedom: a freedom to just be?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Naz: shake it off

She was like superman; but—she was all woman.  She had no fear, no sense of imminent danger, nor safety for her own person.  Her focus was on the rescue—to save a life.  It was in her DNA, her destiny, her design.

Without hesitation she wrenched off her runners, skimmed her socks from her feet and threw them aside.  It was a cold winter’s morning and the crispness of the air became vapour as it met her breath.  She fluidly unwrapped her sweat shirt from her body, abandoning its warmth for the sharpness of the elements.    With a not-so-graceful spin she spiralled from her clothing, leaving only her shorts and shirt.  With her sunglasses thrown to the ground, and hat—who knows where, her focus remained on the movement in the water.  She never once allowed her attention to wander.  She had a job to do—her time was now!