Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fiz: Miracles do happen...

Miracles do happen—just ask Barb and Clive Holden. Two years ago they began Coolum HeARTS which offers free lessons in art, drumming, and singing with a community choir called I’m still standing. Barb and Clive wanted to create a place where people with significant challenges in their lives could spread their wings and fly. And with local support, they have done just that…

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Naz - Back before Christmas

You may have noticed my usual outspokenness has taken a vacation in the recent weeks and my ‘Bold’ presence missing.  All however is not as it appears and while on the blog front I have been laying low, there has been a lot happening in my world.

With my final kinesiology exam scheduled for the middle of November, copious assignments still screaming for attention and the realisation that I need to study, study, study (what a shock that was), I have made the decision to focus solely on passing this exam. I actually have waves of terror pass through me when I think about it but figure getting it done and passing will not only save me a lot of embarrassment and self-reproach but will allow me to enjoy Christmas and the New Year without the ‘I should be studying’ voice whispering in my ear 24/7— and of course, it will be very satisfying to achieve this goal—one I have been working hard on all year.  So, until December; ‘adieux’.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Fiz: Mind matters

Most days my life has an optimistic, cruisy beat. Of course, there are irritations and annoyances but nothing too horrid. Every now and again, however, that familiar tune of joy de vivre just isn’t there. There’s a void that begins to fill with feelings of self-doubt, limitation, pessimism: everything seems a bit ordinary and difficult.