Monday, 6 June 2016

Fiz: how wonderful to laze

We were all feeling a bit creaky at yoga, perhaps not helped by the bite in the air at 6 am in the morning! As we limbered up, we chatted about the benefits of regular massage, reflexology, and facials. I had recently listened to a similar conversation on RN, and had laughed in recognition as an email was read out from an older female listener, whose days were now filled with maintenance activities, leaving no time for frivolity.
Maintenance is not necessarily a chore: I love having a massage and swaying my hips at Zumba is fun (haven’t got the boob shake happening yet). The six-monthly dental clean isn’t fun, but having sparkly-arkly teeth feels great. I’m all for looking after myself and taking responsibility, but sometimes I do feel a little rebellious.  There is more to living than self-preservation. Where to draw the line between looking after myself and getting caught up in keeping up appearances?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Naz gets away

This month I celebrated my birthday with a long weekend at Moreton Island.  This pristine place has been my fav getaway since I was nineteen and over the years has become my special restorative retreat.  My grandmother told me that my great, great grandparents were once keepers of the Cape Moreton lighthouse. This fascinates me and is possibly the reason for the strong connection I feel with the island.