Sunday, 29 January 2017

Fiz: Be inspired!

Jean at her wedding
How’s 2017 shaping up for you? I got off to a good start because I was inspired by my 82-year-old friend Jean whose wedding I attended in the UK. Being there for her wedding was like having a slice of delicious cake—no artificial taste, not sickly sweet, a lovely balance of flavours: a treat that you know is very special and will continue as a cherished memory.

And why did Jean inspire me? I think it is because she is so genuine, so engaged with others. She’s well-groomed and stylish—she had different colour polish on one of her fingernails because she was having them done with her granddaughter and it was fun to be on trend, and that touch of eyeshadow does enhance her eyes. But even though I have decided to try eyeshadow again (after a lapse of about 10 years or more) the major inspiration is her ‘being’. It’s not all about her. She cares about what is happening in the lives of others, about social and political issues. She made me feel valued, and also made me feel that it was stupid not to be my best self (in all its peculiarities!).

So that’s my inspiration; the hard part, of course, is putting it into practice. But I have friends and family here that inspire and encourage me as well, so I’m feeling refreshed and relaxed about what the year will bring.

And so far it’s been rather good: fun family times (involving giant inflatable water toys among other things), some editing work to pay for the fun, and another wedding. This one was in Yass (about an hour away from Canberra) and it was lovely seeing a young couple thrilled about making a life together…and also the bride flashing her riding boots from under her elegant lace dress as she and her new husband led the dancing under gum leaf candelabra in the shearing shed.
Wedding dinner in the shearing shed

Cheers Fiz

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