Friday, 17 February 2017


Our fiscal policy for the week was don’t spend! Our respective budget surplus for the week was minimal—well actually miniscule—well ok, for me it was bordering deficit but because Fiz was cashed up more than me I was happy to be her non-official spotter for the day. 
I didn’t realise there were that many op shops in one street!  So many opportunities to wheedle out that gem we didn’t yet know we wanted or to discover trinkets and treasures capable of instantly exporting us back to the past.  And who better than Fiz to share this with. We started off with

Friday, 10 February 2017


Naz and I hatched a plan to try out different things this year … to be BOLD and tell you about it. We had jotted down lots of ideas but when it came to our first day-of-doing, we were both a bit tired. Besides it was windy and overcast which deterred us from playing outside. Where could we go? What could we do? We wanted to do something that we wouldn’t normally do—something we could classify as BOLD even if wasn’t really (just bold for us). Then inspiration came to Naz and she texted: tenpin bowling at Alexandra Headlands.