Tuesday, 11 April 2017

neck brace – optional!

I think Fiz misunderstood when I said let’s give go-karting a shot. 
We met at the Big Kart Track at Landsborough Sunday afternoon at three. I’m still not sure if Fiz was serious when she was surprised the karts weren’t like the go-karts we raced as children—the ones steered by ropes with no brakes and made from old crates and wheels from broken washing trolleys—surely she was joking!

Anticipation and excitement for the race ahead interrupted my further questioning and anyways, I had important things to organise—shoes, socks and disclaimers. It seems this ‘give it a go’ adage comes with paperwork—participating is at your own risk—this activity can be dangerous— while all care is taken we take no responsibility for your safety.  Living on the edge!