Wednesday, 24 May 2017


You know you have had a special time when the after-glow lingers and you feel optimistic and, well, happy! And that's what happened when Naz and I celebrated her 60th birthday at Wasabi in Noosa Heads.

Turning 60 is a definer. You are passed half way. You have reached another stage in life. Adapt or be miserable is how I see it. Don’t misconstrue this…for me, it’s a licence to be BOLD!

I roll my eyes when those of you in your 40s and 50s catastrophise about being old when you are not even close (yes, Naz you were sometimes guilty of this too!). 60 is close BUT only close: in our 60s (and early 70s too I note), we are in this delightful but sometimes tricky ‘tween stage that I have blogged about before (What we need is better branding): a time of opportunity to do it while you can!

It doesn’t have to be clubbing, it can be celebrating Naz’s entry into her 60s with a leisurely lunch at the much-lauded Wasabi restaurant—a perfect way for Naz to continue the Japanese theme of her celebrations which she had begun with her family in Japan.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

See you in Japan!

It was such a coincidence that we were both going to be with family in Japan at about the same time … and that we would both be in Tokyo on Easter Sunday. We just had to meet up there. Before we left home, we checked that we could contact each other using whatsapp and laughed about meeting over a green tea or sake.