Saturday, 18 November 2017

It's a date!

I have gone on a dating site!! I was reluctant after a brief experience a couple of years ago on eharmony—felt as though I was auctioning myself off. Not nice.
But my daughter kept suggesting it and Naz totally convinced me that it was the thing to do. Anyway, I am sharing this bold move (yes, it was for me) because I was supposed to blog about Sunday arvo at The Shared in Yandina and didn’t get around to it because Elite Singles takes time. Yes, it does sound a bit uppity but Naz had done the research and concluded that it is one of the better sites. And she knew I wouldn’t join unless she sat down beside me while I ticked boxes, and typed in what my passions were, what I was most grateful for, and uploaded photos. Naz was adamant not just the profile photo, but to upload others too. Marketing one’s self is a pain.   
My profile photo

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Acting on a heads up from a friend, Kate, a regular at The Shared, Fiz and I headed out to Yandina.
Hanging at TheShared is always a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We’ve been before— live music by local musos. You know how much Fiz and I love kicking back, immersed in music and conversation while watching the passing parade. And, an opportunity to meet some nice blokes couldn’t be passed up either.
The lack of cars and availability of car parks surprised us as we drove into Yandina. It was early, only just three thirty so my expectation of a large crowd was probably unrealistic.  Undeterred we walked up and in. What the?

Sunday, 5 November 2017

chill time

One of our favourites
It’s nice to have a day with no timetable. No hurrying from here to there.  No deadlines or appointments.  No rush as I head out the door at the last minute, backing out of the garage like a madwoman and tearing up the street cursing the seat belt alarm for its incessant nagging while I fumble, one handed, to get the belt fastened.  As if a ten second delay while I buckle up would make any difference! 
Yep—today was different.  It was laid back and dreamy.  So laid back I thought I could sleep this Sunday away.  Fiz and I had talked about heading to The Caf Coolum late afternoon. Live music was on offer and the relaxed vibe, seated alfresco, watching the world go by was inviting.  And, who knows who might drop by!