Thursday, 22 March 2018

Fiz & Naz: Par 3

Fiz:  Thwack! How good it was to finally connect my golf club with the ball and see it soar towards the green—not far, but a start in the right direction. I was mainly crap but occasionally I did something right and I experienced the satisfaction you golfers must feel.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hell's Gates

It was a slow start—a very slow start—again. That seems to be the Fiz and Naz signature. For all the planning we do, things just seem to go askew challenging our resourcefulness and patience.
It was 3 pm and hot. We had hoped for cooling breezes to lessen our pain during the walk—Noosa to Sunshine Beach through the National Park. The breezes had so far ignored us.
Our plan was to park at the Noosa entrance to the National Park (yeah right); walk from Noosa to Sunshine Beach and return. We had considered taking two cars and leaving one at Sunshine and one at Noosa; however, we love to chat and the drive was an opportunity to plot and plan and, besides, this trek was more a reconnaissance one; to get our bearings for the longer walk we have scheduled for the future.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Before coffee ...

Before coffee there was nothing? Oh yeah, I could imagine the pelican in front of me saying, ‘you have got to be kidding. Those hipsters need to get out more. The message on the takeaway cup, lying discarded at the river’s edge, seemed laughable amongst the natural beauty of my surroundings. I smiled at the pelicans grooming themselves and then frowned as I picked up the cup to place in a bin only metres away (Grrrrrrrrr).