Tuesday, 26 October 2021


We began BOLDmag by writing about hair (black and white, stuck in the grey) so here's a new hairy tale.
Because our hair stories are intertwined, we are taking it in turns to share the why, how, and verdict.
Why Naz

Today I will not be black. I will not procrastinate any longer. Today my hair is natural, it is grey, the decision made. Fiz came out in her early 50s, but I had been painfully pondering the right time. I had been unsure and unclear about my own grey style. For years I had tired of the monthly hair dyes, the interim touch-up colour, the black sticky spray which if applied carelessly resulted in unsightly clumping, the colour pens to hide the widening stripe on the top of my head. I had tried them all!  The time had come for me to be brave and make the change—to come out. Eighteen months ago, with my hairdresser inaccessible due to COVID restrictions, my fake hair colour began its slow decline, timidly revealing my natural grey. The passive process had begun. Now, after unexpected compliments for my two-tone mane reaching halfway down my back, it was time to make the bold step and schedule my return to the hairdresser for a style cut.

Why Fiz

I liked David. His Scottish brogue was difficult to understand so I’d just let him do his thing, and I’d walk out of Elenbi feeling good. Then he left the salon. David’s replacement at Elenbi didn’t have his styling skills. I looked to Naz for sympathy, and we chatted about hair: how it is important to feel that our hair reflects our style, that a good cut means you’ll feel presentable even if your clothes are ordinary and, importantly, that it means no fussing about getting it to sit right—style with minimal maintenance. A good haircut makes life easier. We had both noticed how fabulous our friend looked since she had changed her hairstyle. Who worked their magic on her? I wanted some of that magic!

How Naz

so far, so good
It had been a dilemma deciding where to go.I had been referred to a couple of salons but seeing our friend’s new fab style I felt confident choosing her stylist Mel, a local hairdresser from Mischief at Pacific Paradise. I couldn’t hide my anxiety. I reminded myself this was an adventure, with Fiz, and that’s always fun. And it’s only hair. Wrong!  It’s personality, style, self-esteem. It’s compliments or no compliments! Fiz’s cut was first anyway so I still had a chance to back out. Hair is important. A good haircut reflects style and personality. A bad haircut reflects the monster within and takes a while to get over. Mel listened and I talked, and a growing confidence and trust developed. From my confusing instructions and a couple of pics from Pinterest, she was doing her best to capture my vision. This wasn’t a time to be impulsive so for now I opted for a style to my shoulders. After a quick session at the basin, I was ready to take my seat at the mirror.  Gulp! I nearly caved in! I nearly opted for a funky bob above my shoulders. But I chickened out. Hair nearly to my waist one minute then just below my ears the next was just too scary, today. Not very bold hey! Memories of past pain when the stylist and her scissors were given free reign prompted me to adopt caution. But Mel was patient, kind and                                                                          understanding and even tutored me on recreating my new style at home. It was over!

How Fiz 
The location was perfect, and I had my fingers crossed that Mel would be my new hairdresser. But it requires a level of trust to put your hair—and, consequently, how you will feel about yourself in the weeks to come—in someone’s hands who you have never met before … but our friend’s hair did look great! Mel was welcoming. But how to explain what I wanted. I know when I first went to David, my brief was simple and succinct: just don’t give me an old lady’s haircut! So why was I wafting rather than providing clear direction. I think it had something to do with wanting to be nice. It had developed into a fun event with Naz there, taking photos and chatting. Of course, the lovely full glass of rosé that Mel poured for us added to the relaxed friendly atmosphere.                                 
Verdict Naz 

Overall I love my new locks. I loved the curls when I first left the salon after the professional blow-dry. I love them less when left to my own devices to twist and style! Who has arms long enough to get the do perfect at the back? And how do you even navigate the back? Use a mirror? Everything is back to front—it does my head in. Then the brush and hair become one and I spend the next 10 minutes untangling my now frizzy hair from the brush. My aching arms scream at me, and I grudgingly admit how unco I am at styling my own hair. I abandon the curling brush to try the curling wand. This time there’s only a minor tangle but the curls are twirling every which way, doing their own thing. Last attempt—the hair straightener. Some success! My hair is trying to co-operate but the fresh salon style has eluded me. I reach for the ponytail band and with an easy twist my hair is under control. I console myself I just need more practice. I question ever going shorter where my get me out of trouble ponytail band becomes redundant. 
My hair is so much healthier now. Mel at Mischief was a really good experience.   

Verdict Fiz 

At first I wasn’t sure. I loved, loved, loved what Mel did with Naz’s hair. But mine?   It was ok but …       

In the weeks that followed, I told myself that it was a big ask for a new hairdresser to interpret what I wanted from a haircut, especially when my hair was a mishmash of styles. I decided it was only reasonable to give Mel another crack at it. Much better. But still … My hair is very thick and grows fast so I have it cut every four weeks. The time for my third appointment was upon me and I hadn’t looked for another hairdresser so there I was at Mischief again. This time, I took a photo of me with my hair looking how I like it. Why oh why hadn’t I done this before?! A couple of more visits to Mel and I feel like me again. And who is me? Old but still a bit BOLD!

        We decided we liked Mischief!


The Bloke said...

WooooHoooo you made it happen. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Having gone Covid Gray, I must say how much easier it is. Moving from the coast to Canberra meant I had to find a new hairdresser, not easy! I found myself hanging around salon doors to check out the stylist and clients. I think I have found someone I trust but only time will tell.
Keep the stories coming.