Monday, 18 October 2021


I’m back! So much has happened but, really, not a lot has changed.

Over three years ago I was offered a role as sales consultant in an over 50s Resort in Bongaree (a sleepy waterside suburb on Bribie Island). This opportunity, bolstered with the need to replenish my diminishing funds, forced a decision to return Bribie—to my enduring duplex on the canal. I bought this quaint little property in 2001 and refer to it fondly as my happy place. It was new, now it is old.  It has been dull then transformed to bold, bright and colourful. It has felt joy as well as sadness. It has always been there for me—stable and secure—at times an outward expression of me and where I was in my life. A place I keep returning to.

So back I went for a short time—back to my happy place. I took only the barest essentials as my intention was always to return to the Sunshine Coast, resume my coaster lifestyle and play with my friends. Any of my belongings that were not classified as necessities were packed and stored in a shipping container somewhere on the Sunshine Coast. I didn’t know where and, oddly, I didn’t care.

Work was now my priority. It was for a finite time. I put everything into it—my heart and soul. I loved my new job and the sleepy village vibe of Bongaree. Many people crossed my path—a multitude of characters. Some I connected with personally—a number will remain lifelong friends.  My job was extremely fulfilling and I felt honoured for the opportunity to help—to assist even in a small way—ageing singles and couples faced with major life-changing events and the resulting decisions that churned around them.  Largely these choices were met with eagerness and excitement but sometimes with regret, loss and deep sadness. I came to recognise that, at some point in my life, I too would be called on to make such decisions but not yet … phew! I can watch and learn and reflect for now.

During my time on Bribie I met a man. Well I met lots but this one was special.

For a short time he worked with me in the resort before returning to his former career. It was then that our relationship grew. It began as friends walking dogs. Surprisingly, or not, we both had Maltese Shih tzus—the same age. Go figure! Over time our dog walks got longer and slower, our focus turning to each other—deeper conversations and accepted silences. We were destined to rendezvous for wine and nibbles and romantic sunsets. I hold fond memories of these evenings: the remarkable vista of the Pumicestone Passage at dusk, sharing the highlights of the day just lived then wrapping it tight— complete—shared with my new, very special friend.

As well as new friendships, there are additions to my family—a second daughter-in-law and two more grandsons (born within two weeks of each other—yep, it was a hectic fortnight)! My second son married in Bangkok, Thailand in 2019 followed by a honeymoon in Koh Samui.  A honeymoon with 15 boisterous family members tagging along! What were we thinking? For nearly 2 weeks our family celebrated in a stunning beachfront villa, Villa Anar—my entire family together, all in one place and at the same time. My heart was bursting with joy, love, and pride. I have so much to share about this experience. It’s probably worthy of its own blog so stay tuned.

I returned to the Sunny Coast this year, but ... I didn’t come alone. My special friend, my man, decided to uproot and come with me. He sold his property on Bribie and became a coaster with me. Together we made the move back to my home in Twin Waters.

I am back where I began. It’s taken me a while to stop long enough to mull over and take stock but now on reflection, I was wrong … a lot has changed—life changing moments, memorable travel and experiences, wonderful additions to my family, and invaluable new perspectives on life’s shifting progression.

So now I’m excited for the restart of BOLDmag and blogging with Fiz—the two of us sharing our young-oldies fun, adventures, and mischief—our good times but also, our not so good, and any other stuff in between. Please join us again.



Gizmo said...

Fabulous news Narelle. Welcome back ladies. Your readers missed you.

boldmag2 said...

Thanks for your welcome Gizmo. We are excited to be back.