Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Fiz is homeward bound

We are homeward bound and I feel a settling ... the gentle anticipation of being in my own place—the comfort of the familiar.
Don't get me wrong, I love trips away ... they stimulate my creativity, invigorate, and refresh. I often come back with clearer ideas about things that have been hovering in the background of my mind. 
But home has a pull. The pull of being with those who live close by—family members, friends, and neighbours. The pull of familiar routines—yoga class and breakfast afterwards at The Caf, Zumba followed by coffee at 652, rushing from Vera Flow to get to my session at the library with my literacy student. The pull of being in my own house—with my own stuff. And the pull of the beach ... the beach where I love to walk, swim, and just sit and look out over.
So even though our visit to family over the border was important, it feels good to be heading home. Though heading home to Queensland from New South Wales isn't as simple as it was pre-COVID. Nevertheless, we waved goodbye to the family in south-western NSW, knowing that we could hang out with other family members living close to the Queensland border, and wait for restrictions to be lifted.
So began a delightful meander northward. The drenching rains meant that the countryside was sparkling ... the grass almost neon green in places, the cattle fat and shiny. It also meant that when we drove along Waterfall Way towards the coast, the waterfalls were gushing. Of course, we had to stop and gape in awe at them.
And then there were the lovely historic towns, Places like Berrima in the Southern Highlands where we stopped for lunch on our first day homewards. As we wended our way north, it was lovely catching up with people along the way and seeing how places had changed (or not). We caught a bit of the trendy vibe that Newcastle now has when we overnighted there in a remodelled hotel. I like staying in hotels that have a past. The one in Dorrigo was mindful of its heritage appeal. Our room looked just like my grandparents' bedroom ... and brought back a rush of memories of visiting their farm as a kid.
Freddy looking out over the Clarence River
From Dorrigo, we made our way to S & C's place at Lennox Head, but not before having lunch with Freddy at Maclean. I am completely charmed by Freddy. He's a 90-year-old widower who has remained a larrikan with a great sense of humour and a way of making you feel good. Hence the girlfriends who drop around meals to his place and help him with IT issues, shopping, etc.
The Northern Rivers is a delightful area to explore and many of the places trigger memories of youthful hijinks and experiences. But moving on from Lennox to my cousin's place at Tweed Heads there is also the sense of being nearly home. We have had our COVID test, are fully vaxxed and, fingers crossed, we'll have no trouble crossing into Queensland tomorrow ... besides, that is, the anticipated wait at the border (I'm packing sandwiches).
And then, once over the border, just a shortish sprint up the M1 to home. Ah, home. The anticipation mounts!


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