Saturday, 15 January 2022

Fiz puzzling over jigsaw

The sun is out! I take one last look at Lisbon’s historic cityscape and, then (not without reluctance), I start pulling the pieces of the completed jigsaw puzzle apart and putting them back into their box. 
Doing the jigsaw while the rain pelted down day after day was perfect. A buzz of achievement would flow through me when I found the pieces that filled annoying gaps, and Lisbon’s distinctive yellow trams and its buildings with wrought-iron balconies emerged before me. And as the scene became clearer so did the memories of our time there in 2019, a time when going overseas was de rigueur and Rhine cruises were a hot topic of conversation rather than booster shots and the efficacy of face masks.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

between the sheets on sunday

A Month of Sundays
by Liz Byrski. It took me a while to get into this book. There was the important set up–the basis from which to launch the story, the platform that introduced the characters, presented their life situations and their entanglement. I struggled to take this in. I needed to go back pages, re-read. 

We were heading for Christmas and I felt worn out; weary from work and the overwhelming planning and shopping that always consumes me on the lead up to the big day. So, while I may have read a few pages each night, nothing was sinking in. After skimming a couple of pages but believing I had been reading, I would reluctantly return the bookmark to its new place, close my blurry tired eyes and surrender to my lunar love