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Ever since I turned 60 a decade ago, I have been trying to work out how to do old well. I am conscious that, if life is a three-act play, this is the final act. And I want it to be a good one!
Well, I’m still trying to work it out. I look back over my 60s and think that I wasn’t really old then. They were the ‘tween years. Now, at 70, I’m moving into being seriously old … well, that’s what my bones tell me as they creak loudly when I get out of bed in the morning.
But I still want to skip rather than shuffle. Some responsibilities and passions have faded away, but others seem more important than ever. I may need a power nap to achieve what I want to do in a day but, hey, I still want to be doing. And yet … and yet I also want to just be. To be available—to be on call for my children and grandchildren, to linger at day’s end on the beach with my bloke, to savour the beauty of my surroundings, to spend time with my sisters and friends.
And I want to share my experiences and thoughts—to write about the challenges and pleasures of life in the 70s and my attempts to be bold not just old.

I am Naz. I’m a questioner with so many whys. I’m a thinker with too many opinions. I’m a carer for so many but sometimes not for me. I’m complex but love simple things. I am so much but often feel not enough. I’m intent on living my life with meaning but find joy in meaningless things. I’m an aging woman, both body and mind but I am still young. Ageless desires and dreams push me forward, keep me moving, keep me wanting and keep me loving. 
I’m still working out me—a constant that hasn’t changed since my last post for this page, seven years ago. Towards 60
Now on the aft side of 64 my life is still full. I have hung up my career hat (maybe just for a while) and replaced it with my I’m available cap.  Available to say yes more often. Available for my family and for my friends. Available for life and new experiences that just happen when I have time. Precious time I have freed up—made available.
I continue discovering more of me with every moment.  I believe I live consciously (well ... most of the time) and the decisions I make are made purposefully. I choose people and things that bring me joy and when life happens and maybe isn’t so joyful, I allow a short but self-indulgent interlude with stress, seek a solution, make a decision and get on with it.  I allow time for wounds to heal and space for happiness to flourish again ... well I try! I try hard! 
I know with each passing year my desire for adrenaline raising experiences and bold adventures wane, instead I tend to find satisfaction and meaning from simple day-to-day doings and more gentle and quiet activities.
Does this mean I’ve dropped the ‘B’ and am now just old—a lesser Bold?  
Or, is boldness authenticity and truth—a confidence to be all of me and accept all of you.  
To BE bold together and sometimes, if you want to, DO bold!

Join us in being BOLD
We realise we are getting old—well oldish—and we want to be oldish and do it well. 

No—better than just well—we want to do old with style and panache. We want to live with authenticity and integrity and have a fabulous time doing it! We promise to fess up and tell you how we are faring as well as share insights and ideas about being bold instead of just old.  


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